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Rocket Motor/Hardware Matrices

The following matrices have been created to help identify similar sized rocket motors and reloadable hardware from different manufacturers. When selecting a suitable motor or the relevant hardware, it is important to look at the specific details of the motor/hardware to confirm it is of a suitable size and power for your rocket.

Please be sure to look at our 'Who Can Buy Rocket Motors' guide for legal requirements in your state.

Reloadable Motor 'Hardware' Matrix - Available sizes of reloadable motor hardware with links to the respective hardware pages.

Motor Matrix by Size of Hardware/Casing - Available sizes of 'Single Use' (SU) and 'Reloadable' rocket motors with links to respective motor lists.


Rocket Motor Manufacturers Matrices (Motor hardware sizes with available motors):

Cesaroni Technology Incorporated (CTI)


Gorilla Rocket Motors & Kosdon by Aerotech (KBA)