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Why Join a Club Just to Fly Rockets?

Rocket people are a pretty fun crowd. It doesn’t matter if you fly small model rockets or the big birds. Everyone is very friendly and very helpful. In model rocketry, it is common to have contest events including but not limited to highest altitude, scale model, parachute duration, etc.

Launching High Power Rockets requires more preparation than launching “model rockets.” Not only is a larger field needed, but CASA clearance must be arranged well in advance of the launch date. There may also be local or state regulatory issues to be addressed to fly high power rockets.


The club takes care of this. They already have the personnel and experience in making these tedious arrangements, which allows you to concentrate on the actual flying. Obviously this is good reason for joining an organized club. Clubs also typically have all the launch equipment to set up a launch site.

This includes launch pads, launch rods and rails, the ignition system, batteries, PA system, fire equipment, and sometimes more. They also often arrange for portable toilets at the events.




The meetings are a good chance to chat and see what everyone else is building. It’s also a chance to speak with other members who have a wealth of information and it may save you from re-inventing the wheel.